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Raw Dog Bones

Raw Dog Bones


  • Raw bones have more nutritional value for your dog!

  • Cleans your dog's teeth and will not harm your dog's mouth - unlike cooked or smoked bones!

  • They are softer than cooked or smoked bones and have no chance of splintering

  • This is good mental stimulation for your dog, and enriches their life.

  • Most importantly it will make your little furry friends tail wag!


  • Limit the use of chewing for your dog!

  • Best to give to your dog frozen!

  • The size of bone you give to your dog should be bigger than the length of their snout.

Half Femur bone 2.49/lb

Marrow Bone 4.59/lb

Knuckle 1.99/lb

Rib bone 1.49/lb

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