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From Sticks To Steel! We built this business from the ground up... quite literally!

For those of you who are new here, HELLO! We are so glad you found us! We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the process of our business! We started the build of our butcher shop two years ago in November 2020, seams like forever ago! Our planning on the other hand went back even years before that!

We opened our services in May of 2022, since then we have been open for custom butchering and our retail services are available to the public!

We believe in this business, and we believe in the way we raise our cattle. This butcher shop was built right on our farm where we raise the beef that we sell to you. We wanted to involve more ND raised beef into our community. We raise our cattle in pastures- not feed lots, we don't pump them full of growth hormones or antibiotics. We take care of our beef so we can take care of you.

We dedicated hours, weeks, and months of our time; establishing layouts, square footage, budget, service space, materials, equipment, operation means, labor, and the list goes on! We are eager to see what the future holds, and all the wonderful people this will bring together!


It's been a journey and we are excited to see what will come in the future! Thank you to all of you that have done business with us, and thank you to all of you who are new to our business!

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