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The Week Of December 13-16

size reference to a snow drift in the pasture- I'm 5'4"

For us, taking care of our cows is a priority. It usually takes us around 3 hrs to feed cows in the morning. Our cows are fed a mixture of silage and hay to keep them well fed, especially with them burning more calories in the winter.

When there is blowing snow or snow drifts time becomes a different story. Pushing snow takes quite a while, and out here there is a lot of that! It can take at least 2 hours longer to get done feeding, if not more. It all depends on what kind of delays we get that day.

Taking apart the mixer to unplug it

This week we have had the mixer get plugged with a delay of 2 hours to fix. We Got stuck in a snow drift while going up a hill with a delay of 30 minutes. We have had cows get out of the fence 3 times with a delay of 30 minutes each time. We have had a tractor over heat and catch on fire with a delay of 3 hours. Not to mention fixing the damage that was done during the fire.

At the Pearson farm we say to expect delays, expect things to go wrong, and if something doesn't go wrong that day it a blessing.

Replacing the coolant in the tractor

The week of the storm is nothing we can't handle, but it isn't easy - that's for sure.

Take look at some moments captured below!

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