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Retail Cuts

Stop on in our retail front to purchase any product on our menu! Call or message us to make an order, so when you stop by we can have it ready to go! 

Custom Butchering

We take your beef,

charge a processing fee and disposal fee of $150 along with 1.09 per lb hanging weight and we give you the desired cuts or ground beef.


This Is Our Farm

We are dedicated to taking care of our cattle in open, green pastures with plenty of space to roam. 

Have you ever wondered where your beef is coming from or what they are putting into your beef? Well if you do business with us you will never have to wonder again! You won't have to worry what the cattle are being fed or the environment they are raised in. We believe in humane handling, and we take care of our cattle so we can take care of you.

Keep us in mind when shopping local, our retail services are OPEN now! 

Hey you ranchers! We do custom butchering, so come on by! We would love to do some business with you!



Welcome, We are so glad you found us!

We are the Pearson's, our farm is three generations strong of raising cattle in Wilton, ND. Have you been looking for a locally owned family butcher shop? Here we are! Our custom services and retail services are open to the public and would love to help you out!


Our retail services are OPEN NOW!

 Our cattle is born and raised on our farm in North Dakota with no growth hormones or antibiotics. 


We are state inspected and are following all health and guidelines to keep you safe! We are passionate about giving you high quality product to keep you coming back. If you have any questions don't hesitate on contacting us!